Pax Regis

The Black Sheep

Returning to the city, the party met up with a strange elf outside the city walls. Bereach, cleric of Correlon, offered his services as a healer, since it seemed that they were greatly in need of such services. With some reservation, they agreed to allow Bereach to accompany them.

A journey to the Magisterium secured the party secured an audience with the Archmage Arlan Vagus. His assistant, Kiara seemed quite smitten with Merlinus.

The Archmage was rather vague when questioned about the black sheep sigil found on the necromantic texts, but his evasions seemed carefully constructed to hint that he knew something, but was unable, for some reason, to share it.

Upon exiting the Archmage’s office, Kiara slipped Merlinus a note asking the party to be in the sub-basement of the Magisterium at midnight, and warning them not to trust the Vicemage.

The sub-basement turned out to be a nightmarish jumble of discarded and failed magical experiments and apparatus. Lianna accidentally re-activated a construct, Atlas-117, who imprinted on her as his “Headmistress”, and began to serve as her personal guard.

Shortly after midnight, Squab, Vicemage Demorne’s personal assistant came down into the sub-basement. The party confronted him and demanded to know what was going on.

After being removed by Magisterium security personnel, the party snuck back into the sub-basement only to find it empty. Artisan discovered a secret passage, and the party began to follow it, assuming that Squab had gone that way.

After spending over an hour bypassing security measures and traps, the party found themselves at a locked door, and were able to hear a conversation behind it. Squab was discussing a “plan” with an unidentified second voice. When Squab mentioned that he was “suspected” the second person suggested accelerating the plan. At this point, a poorly timed (and loud) query from Atlas-117 revealed the party’s presence to Squab. Squab revealed himself to be a demon, and the party was barely able to defeat him.

In the room, the party found a printing press and several shelves of necromantic texts all marked with the black sheep sigil. Upon this discovery, Atlas-117 activated an anti-necromancy security protocol and incinerated the texts.

At this point, a legion of Magisterium guardsmen stormed the room and arrested the party. The charge was demonic conspiracy with Squab and the murder of Archmage Arlan Vagus.



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