WitchBorn Era

The WitchBorn Era is the term applied to the four centuries following The Incursion. With no stable government, every mage of power declared themselves King (or Queen), and began to raise armies to seize as much territory as possible.

Constant back-and-forth warfare, demonic attacks from the Black Wastes, and attacks from the seaborne Jorel Raiders left large swaths of land devastated. The resulting famine began to rapidly deplete the population.

With their supplies failing and their armies dwindling, many of the Mage-Lords turned to the practice of necromancy to augment their forces. When a necromancer fell in battle (or died in his sleep from “natural causes”—the Mage-Lords were not above assassination), any undead under his or her direct control were immediately released. The rising numbers of out-of-control undead and failed necromantic experiments preying on the populous contributed to the decaying situation.

The WitchBorn Era came to an end with the rise of Bravis I. With his second, Delvin Foreth, Bravis began to hunt down the Mage-Lords one by one. He would appear just after dawn in a Mage-Lord’s camp, somehow bypassing all of their guards, wards, and securities. Bravis I issued a challenge to the Mage-Lord to engage him in a duel, with Delvin Foreth acting as his second. Upon his victory, Bravis gave the Mage-Lord two choices: service or death.

The 7 Mage-Lords that swore their fealty to Braxis were each given a domain and a seat on the Council of Lords in Braxis’s new Altanan Empire.

WitchBorn Era

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