Towers of Law

The three towers of law are responsible for the enforcement of imperial law within the city of Khyber and throughout the Altanan Empire.

Tower of Blades – Agents of the Tower of Blades are (usually) specialists in combat. The Blades deal with general peacekeeping duties, as well as dealing with minor and petty crimes. In crisis, the Blades also serve as militia/

Tower of Griffons – The [Tower of Griffons | Griffons]] are focused primarily on the investigation (and prevention) of major crimes, including murders and large-scale thefts. Griffons and Blades will often work together for the apprehension of more dangerous criminals, as well as to provide security for events or during the movement or storage of artifacts.

Tower of Worgs – The Worgs are the least known and most feared of the three towers. Worgs specialize in hunting down individuals for the enforcement of Imperial Law. Worgs cannot normally work without a Writ of Hunting, but once they have a Writ for an individual, there are few limits on their authority. The reason Worgs are often feared is that individuals with a Writ are rarely returned alive. A large majority of those hunted by the Worgs are either renegade mages or unmarked mages, and thus many Worgs choose to train in skills that aid them in the combat and apprehension or execution of practitioners of magic.

The Griffons and Blades are typically limited to operation within the city of Khyber and its immediate surroundings. Each member of the Council of Lords is typically responsible for enforcement activities within his or her own realm. The exception to this is the Worgs, who, with a Writ of Hunting, have imperial authorization to go anywhere and do anything necessary to finish the hunt.

Recently, the party joined a fourth Tower, The Hall of Shadows. Agents of the Hall of Shadows work in small teams to deal with situations that need handled subtly. Since most agents of Imperial Law do not leave Khyber, the Shadows will often handle cross-border criminals or those that cannot be dealt with through normal channels. Whenever the direct involvement of the Imperium or the Towers of Law is not to be known, the Shadows are sent.

Towers of Law

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