The Magisterium serves as both institute of both education and restriction for practitioners of the arcane arts.

The Magisterium offers haven to all arcane workers, and is sworn to uphold the Magi Edicts. In accordance with the Third Edict, all practitioners who graduate their respective courses at the Magisterium are prominently marked with a magical tattoo, usually on the hand, forearm, neck, or face (in order to easily display the mark on request).

The Magisterium offers basic training for “dabblers” such as bards. This training focuses mainly on control and precision. Since “dabblers” are not required to be marked under the Edicts, many choose to do so since it offers a degree of prestige, as well as a measure of security. Although protected, a “dabbler” casting in the wrong place at the wrong time could find himself or herself in some serious legal trouble for a time while the exact nature of the casting and the caster’s abilities are determined. Completing courses at the Magisterium can usually prevent these issues.

Casters whose arcane abilities are more innate (ie. sorcerers), often pursue a more full education, with additional work in the areas of focus, and practical utility of magics.

Mages whose arcane abilities derive from study (ie. wizards), have the option of continuing into even more advanced education, with studies such as applications of magical theory, and researching new spells. All casters who pursue this more advanced education are required to select a single school of magic to major in. (Wizards are required to take a specialty).

Masters-level classes are available to those who have completed the advanced courses. These classes focus on the student’s specialization in even greater depth. (Prestige Class – Master Specialist).

A graduate of the advanced courses could also apply for acceptance as an Arcanist. The Arcanists serve as lower-paid (or unpaid) faculty members. Many arcanists teach or work only part time or via correspondence. (Prestige Class – Arcanist / Mage of the Arcane Order)


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