House Rules

Prestige Classes

Although feats, spells, equipment, etc. from all “Complete” books are legal, Prestige classes are not. Any prestige class that a player wishes to take must first be approved by the GM. In most cases this will simply entail “re-flavoring” the prestige class so that it fits within the game world, and perhaps a minor quest for membership into an order, organization, training academy, etc. In others, small adjustments to the class may be needed for similar reasons. Very few PrCs will be “banned”, but they need to be fitted into the campaign world.

Integrated Prestige Classes

Natural 20’s and Natural 1’s

For skill checks, a natural 1 will count as a roll of -10. A natural 20 will count as a 30.

For attack rolls and saving throws, natural 1’s and 20’s will work as normal.

For initiative rolls, a natural 1 will count as 1. A natural 20 will count as 20.

Hit Points Per Level

The hit points gained at each level will be rolled. Roll twice and select the better roll.

Tumbling in combat

When using tumble to avoid an attack of opportunity due to moving through a threatened square, the DC of the tumble check will be 15 + the base attack bonus of your opponent. (Original tumble DC is a flat 15)

Feat: Toughness

The toughness feat will award +1HP/Level. This applies to both current and future levels. Players may select the Toughness feat only once.

Raising the Dead

Short of miraculous divine intervention or incredibly unusual circumstances, it is not possible to return the dead to life. Death is essentially permanent.

House Rules

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