Council of Lords

The Council of Lords consists of seven members, the highlord of each realm of the Altanan Empire. The Lords are responsible for the majority of lawmaking and governance within the empire.

The emperor has a seat on the Council as highlord of Khyber, but he also has the authority to reject any law passed by the Council as well the ability to pass laws or edicts without the approval of the council. In most cases, he does not exercise these powers, and instead (when he attends sessions) acts and votes as a normal highlord.

The Realms of Altana and their Highlords:

WestreachLord Reglan Arraat, the Deathfox

Cyprias – *Lady Sestis Anvina

UrsiaLord Kartha Dryos

Erinor – *Lord Teague Firesong

Strand – *Lord Vorlan Etisse

AgriasLady Gara Lesul

Ibor – *Lord Quist Tasam

Council of Lords

Pax Regis Cheezgrater