Character Start

Characters will start at level 2

Starting Stats

Stats will be generated using Grid with 4d6 (drop)

The grid system works as follows: Draw a 3×3 grid. Label the columns as STR, DEX, and CON, then the rows as INT, WIS, and CHA. Roll 4d6, drop the lowest dice and total the remaining three. Do this nine times, until the grid is filled. Then for each ability, choose one score from the corresponding row or column. Once you’ve used a score, you can’t use it again, so if you get one 18 it only counts towards one ability.

When filling the grid, it must be filled in order (player’s choice of row>column or column>row). You CANNOT randomly select which slot to place each number in.)


All PHB races are legal, although half-species (Halfling (half-gnome), half-elf, and half-orc (!!!)) may face more significant racial prejudices. Orcs and other dark races entered the world during The Incursion, and thus their offspring are still treated with distrust.


All base classes from the PHB, PHBII, and complete books are allowed. Classes which use Arcane Magics should look at the Magisterium for class restrictions. (Some classes, such as bards, are not required to attend the Magisterium, but may choose to do so in order to achieve greater prestige).


Skills will function as normal under 3.5 with one exception. Open Lock is now a function of the “Disable Device” skill.


All feats from PHB, PHBII, and Complete texts are legal.


All characters will receive a standard equipment set:
  • 1 Dagger
  • 1 Short Sword
  • 1 Shortbow
  • 40 Arrows
  • 1 Light steel shield
  • 1 Leather Armor

(Clerics will receive a wooden holy symbol. Wizards will receive a single spellbook and a spell component pouch)

Each character will also receive 50gp to spend on additional equipment.

Starting Spells (And new spells/level)

Starting spells and spells automatically acquired upon leveling may be selected only from the PHB. Spells from the Complete texts or the Spell compendium will be available only if researched, purchased, found as treasure, or taught by an instructor or ally.

For spontaneous casters such as sorcerers, it is not necessary to immediately allocate spells, instead, the slot may be left “vacant” while research is being conducted on a new spell.

Casters of divine spells will also be limited to PHB only. “Learning” a spell from an alternative source will require research, instruction, or use of a scroll (study of a scroll gives you the knowledge needed to prepare it on your own).

Character Start

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