Pax Regis

From the Journal of Bearach: Entry I

We spent a few hours wandering through a series of seemingly endless tunnels under the Magisterium . The place was filled with traps, which for some reason Artisan had a good bit of trouble detecting at first. There were also a few guard drone…things. I’m not sure what they were. We eventually found Squab, who it turns out was a demon who has apparently been printing necromancy books and distributing them. Naturally, we didn’t get any evidence to prove it since the printing press didn’t have any plates in it. The books were destroyed by Atlas (the construct we found in the basement), so those won’t be any help either. Then we got arrested for supposedly being in league with squab and murdering the Archmage. I’m not too sure what made the guards think that, but it’s hard to reason with thirty angry people with swords. We’ve been in here for a while now, but Merl’s stalker (hah!) left a lipstick covered letter saying she’d take care of it. I’m not going to put too much stock in that though, since Artisan seems intent on getting us out sooner. I’m a bit more inclined to trust him, he seems like a decent enough guy, aside from being a total cleptomaniac (who inexplicably doesn’t always keep what he steals). As far as Merlinus goes, I am confused as to how the guy is still alive. Sometimes he’s brilliant in combat, other times he makes jaw droppingly bad decisions that nearly get him killed. At one point he took the advice of our beastly fighter and got himself caught in an explosion that came within a hairs breadth of killing him. As for our fighters, they’re both agreeable enough, although a bit odd in their own right. There is something…weird about one of them, Dina. I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s been bugging me for a while. It’s probably just my imagination though. It seems I’ve been pulled into something I wasn’t entirely prepared for, but for now I just have to ride it out and see what happens.

From the Journal of Artisan Parker: Entry 2

So…..Mr. creepy ghost guy made this awesome camp, but then it was gone halfway through the night. What kind of crap is that? If I wanted to sleep on the floor I could find easier ways to do so. Then he gives this wonderful advice of “Do whatever you feel like”. I wonder if he knows I don’t really want to be here…so that might not be the best advice.

The good news is we got a cleric in the party! Of course he serves the god byrelium, which is a little odd. But hey, the way the ladies were chugging potions this is a pretty good development as far as i’m concerned. Once we got back to the town I made an official personal goal. After waking up in the wilderness with no bedroll I’ve decided I have to get one of those.

… Merlin is trying to pick up chicks using a LIBRARY CARD. I’m definitely going to have to steal that.

Merlin decided he would animate the ENTIRE F’ING KITCHEN and have it attack me, but luckily spoons are apparently made of win. PLUS, when he was cleaning it up (thank you Dina for that one) I was able to swipe his library card. Wonder how it will take him to learn this one.

Apparently mages are some kinky people. We had a meeting with the Archmage and while waiting had an interesting exchange with the Archmages secretary. She all but flashed Merlin….it was kind of hot. Then she invited all of us to her dungeon…..she will forevermore be known as kinky-Kiki. Once inside this dungeon we found a robot. Yes….a robot. I wish I was making this crap up.

We finally meet up with Kiki and I hear one of the most obvious and yet stupid comments I think I have ever heard. Liyanna asked Kiki if she was a mage to which she responded “I glue his feet to the floor”, to which Liyanna replies “But that just takes glue”…….For one of the first times in my life I was at a complete loss as of what to say.

It occurs to me that I apparently spent far to long in prison and may have lost the edge on my skills. It ALSO occurs to me that my rusty skills may be the reason I ended up in prison in the first place. I tried to head down a hallway and managed to get lost… a straight hallway…..ya…..Then I tried to attack some crap and can’t hit a single thing! One thing came to mind after all of this fiasco……fml.

I had every intention of not taking notes for the rest of this journey. I have been struggling lately and decided to focus more on what I was doing, but liyana made a comment that I could not pass up. “These architects need to stop making these forking dungeons”……made of win.

I’ve also learned something I am apparently VERY good at. I am the master of quick reflexes. Twice now I have reacted to an explosion so fast that I was even able to help allies out of the way. It was pretty awesome….now if I could just start stabbing things that well….

I’m starting to wonder what they teach you in mage school. Merl just made the comment “it’s nothing like a close brush with death to make you really hate death” followed by “it’s time to nut up or shut up”. Now the guy is a complete IDIOT for continually running into melee in the first place, but at least he is willing to take a blow.

The Black Sheep

Returning to the city, the party met up with a strange elf outside the city walls. Bereach, cleric of Correlon, offered his services as a healer, since it seemed that they were greatly in need of such services. With some reservation, they agreed to allow Bereach to accompany them.

A journey to the Magisterium secured the party secured an audience with the Archmage Arlan Vagus. His assistant, Kiara seemed quite smitten with Merlinus.

The Archmage was rather vague when questioned about the black sheep sigil found on the necromantic texts, but his evasions seemed carefully constructed to hint that he knew something, but was unable, for some reason, to share it.

Upon exiting the Archmage’s office, Kiara slipped Merlinus a note asking the party to be in the sub-basement of the Magisterium at midnight, and warning them not to trust the Vicemage.

The sub-basement turned out to be a nightmarish jumble of discarded and failed magical experiments and apparatus. Lianna accidentally re-activated a construct, Atlas-117, who imprinted on her as his “Headmistress”, and began to serve as her personal guard.

Shortly after midnight, Squab, Vicemage Demorne’s personal assistant came down into the sub-basement. The party confronted him and demanded to know what was going on.

After being removed by Magisterium security personnel, the party snuck back into the sub-basement only to find it empty. Artisan discovered a secret passage, and the party began to follow it, assuming that Squab had gone that way.

After spending over an hour bypassing security measures and traps, the party found themselves at a locked door, and were able to hear a conversation behind it. Squab was discussing a “plan” with an unidentified second voice. When Squab mentioned that he was “suspected” the second person suggested accelerating the plan. At this point, a poorly timed (and loud) query from Atlas-117 revealed the party’s presence to Squab. Squab revealed himself to be a demon, and the party was barely able to defeat him.

In the room, the party found a printing press and several shelves of necromantic texts all marked with the black sheep sigil. Upon this discovery, Atlas-117 activated an anti-necromancy security protocol and incinerated the texts.

At this point, a legion of Magisterium guardsmen stormed the room and arrested the party. The charge was demonic conspiracy with Squab and the murder of Archmage Arlan Vagus.

From the Journal of Artisan Parker: Entry 1

The party started out at night for a journey along the road…..Does this sound like a bad idea to anybody else? We haven’t even gone anywhere yet and the amazon…err…fighter already wants to stop for the night.

It doesn’t matter to much though since right after we head out we come up on a cave mouth. The amazon (it suddenly occurs to me that we never really introduced ourselves to each other) sees some humanoid creatures. That sounded like a great time to do some…..recon work. Its a good thing too since they proceeded to charge at us with swords…Wait…..I think this wizard nut just stood in front of a bunch of guys with swords and yelled ” You shall not pass”……wow. This guy is a trip….he just started whacking a zombie in the head with his staff. I thought those things were for casting?



Later on we came across this creepy library in the middle of a cave. My first thought was “well this is a weird place for a library”. But then we started poking around. Dina and I found a bunch of skulls filled with gems. I’ll have to remember that one. It was a pretty clever place to try and hide your gems. I wasn’t even the one who found them! Oh yeah, and Merlinus (goofy name much?) found some necromancy books or something. I wasn’t really paying much attention to that. After I glanced through a book and didn’t find anything interesting I gave up on that purely academic endeavor.



Side note of the day. If a party member is using “her moms” ancient war hammer, maybe you shouldn’t comment on it. Specially if it turns out her mom is dead…….that sucks.



I saw something very new and interesting today. We burst through a door and found four zombies sitting around a table playing cards. Merlinus says it’s because some necromancers will arrange their creations in fun and amusing poses. Either way they were a bunch of dead beats. After killing the zombies I went to collect the playing cards…..and they were glued to the zombies hands. Luckily, my new buddy Merlinus was able to prestidigitate the glue off. I now have a deck of cards!



In mage school i hear they teach you a number of things. They teach you how to blast things, how to disguise yourself with magic, and how to control the minds of your opponents. Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a mind to control in a zombie minotaur. Apparently, Merlinus missed a couple of classes on “selecting targets”.

The Adventure Begins

Newly inducted into the Shadows, the party left the city of Khyber in search of the necromancer Shirak Dun.

After several grisly encounters with the walking dead, they broke into [[:shirak-dun | Shirak’s] library and laboratory. In the library, they found found several texts on necromancy embossed with the emblem of a black sheep.

In Shirak’s lab, they found the necromancer recently fled, and the lab destroyed. Shirak tried to burn all evidence before he fled. In the remains, they found a mostly destroyedletter detailing plans for an army. They also found a signed letter from Shirak Dun.

With evidence of a traitor on the Council of Lords, an organization distributing forbidden texts, and a deranged (but strangely polite) necromancer running loose, the party had to make a difficult choice of which lead to pursue.

They decided to journey to the Magisteriumto investigate the distribution of forbidden books. Delvin Foreth announced his intention to launch an investigation into the actions of Lord Kartha Dryos.


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