The Scholarly Wizard


HP 12, AC 13, saves 3/3/+5


Merlinus Byron is the only child of two moderately successful mages. He knew from an early age that his parents expected him to follow in their footsteps, and he willingly complied by enrolling into the Magisterium at the proper age. Intelligent, athletic, and even charismatic Merlinus is a well-rounded and successful student, choosing to focus his studies on Illusion magic because he found it ‘the most intellectually stimulating and has a variety of practical applications.’ After graduation, he was offered a position on the Worgs. Needing to pay back student debts, he readily accepted without really even deciding if it was something he wanted to do.

The young wizard is just now learning to use his magic ‘on the field’ and though he is not frail by any means, he is still not used to the regular violence and combat he encounters with his new job. He typically prepares spells that can incapacitate (color spray), or that make his allies stronger (enlarge person) since it is illegal to use magic to kill. Still, he has no problems preparing magic missiles or other ‘blasty’ spells as a last resort, or to use for weakening stronger opponents for his allies. He is finding that he does enjoy the excitement and challenges that come with subduing traitors and criminals, though he may not admit it to others or even himself.


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