Lord Kartha Dryos


Kartha Dryos is the Highlord of Ursia. Before his coronation, he served the Empire by leading incursions into the Black Wastes. He earned several medals and commendations for his heroism in defending the Empire.

Private Dossier from the Hall of Shadows:

In recent years, Lord Dryos has begun to express dissatisfaction with the structure of the Empire. His second son was recently killed following in his father’s footsteps. Since then, Dryos has openly criticized several Imperial policies, including the idea of minimal military action. Dryos has begun agitating in the Council of Lords to convince the Council to force the Emperor to raise a full army to secure and pacify the outer border of the Empire. Dryos actually claimed that if the Empire could not adequately protect its populace from outside dangers, that it did not deserve to continue.

A recent letter found in the office of Shirak Dun indicates that Dryos has taken matters into his own hands by attempting to raise a private army.

Lord Kartha Dryos

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