Lord Reglan Arraat, the Deathfox


Standing just over seven feet tall, the three-hundred-pound man looks more like a warrior than a leader. His body betrays no evidence of the indolence typical of nobles. Instead his frame is packed with layer upon layer of muscle without a trace of fat.

His dark hair is kept short, displaying the scar through his scalp.


Lord Reglan Arraat is the most skilled and successful military commander in the history of Altana. A brilliant strategist, he commands the respect of his soldiers by being willing to fight alongside them on the front lines whenever necessary.

Before he ascended to the position of Highlord, he personally led military bands deep into the heart of the Black Wastes.

In one of these expeditions, Reglan discovered a larger-than-normal rift that would have allowed another massive demonic invasion. He led his band through the rift and defended it from the other side until the rift began to close. The battle lasted for three days and cost all of his men their lives. Reglan single-handedly defended the breach for another hour before crossing back as the rift closed. Although alone and badly injured, Arraat managed to survive the hostile Black Wastes and return to Westreach, marking him as the only individual to enter the demonic planes and return alive.

It was this expedition that earned him the Nomme de Guerre “The Deathfox”, because his men believed him to be so cunning that he was able to outwit death itself.

Lord Reglan Arraat, the Deathfox

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