Pax Regis

The Adventure Begins

Newly inducted into the Shadows, the party left the city of Khyber in search of the necromancer Shirak Dun.

After several grisly encounters with the walking dead, they broke into [[:shirak-dun | Shirak’s] library and laboratory. In the library, they found found several texts on necromancy embossed with the emblem of a black sheep.

In Shirak’s lab, they found the necromancer recently fled, and the lab destroyed. Shirak tried to burn all evidence before he fled. In the remains, they found a mostly destroyedletter detailing plans for an army. They also found a signed letter from Shirak Dun.

With evidence of a traitor on the Council of Lords, an organization distributing forbidden texts, and a deranged (but strangely polite) necromancer running loose, the party had to make a difficult choice of which lead to pursue.

They decided to journey to the Magisteriumto investigate the distribution of forbidden books. Delvin Foreth announced his intention to launch an investigation into the actions of Lord Kartha Dryos.



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